Here's a little bit about me and our brand:

I am Lyndsey, Owner of Lyndsey Roberts Weddings. Over the last 12 years I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to be a part of thousands of weddings. We have been to beautiful locations all over Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Maine. I have experienced so many different cultures and religions it had been truly amazing. I absolutley love what I do and it shows.

Started with a degree in Photography and a shift from studio work my father talked me into shooting my first wedding. He had a Big Band swing band for years now as a DJ he has been doing weddings for my entire life. At my first wedding, I had an absolutely amazing time spending such an intimate moment with a couple, friends, and family all madly in love and celebrating this moment. I fell in love... with love. Yes I can totally admit weddings sometimes, hit me right in the feels, but I believe this brings life to my images. Capturing those special moments, those first looks, the tears running down a fathers face as he dances with his little girl, the laughs during the speeches because you just never know what your friends will actually say in public, and even the occasional icing from the cake ruining the makeup you spend hours doing. These images for years to come will bring you right back to those moments and emotions.

Being chosen as your wedding photographer would be an honor. Finding the right match is very important because there are so many photographers with their different styles and pricing. Yes, I have super cool gadgets, but also years of experience to be by your side on your wedding day.


Wedding Photography introduced me to many people who just didn't know where to find these crazy things like linens, rentals, lighting for their event. They see these images online, but how do they actually make it happen without breaking their bank? I worked very hard over the years growing my inventory, finding the right colors, looking for that unique vase, investing in lighting to bring you those items at an affordable price. I have been thanked so many times from brides because we do it all. Dealing with one vendor is much easier than 5. 


Lyndsey Roberts Bridal Collection: Recently we opened a Bridal Salon (dress shop) with the same values and prices. Why pay more when you don't have to. One weekend I showed up to a wedding with a bride super excited about her unique dress she found and the next day the bride happened to have the exact same dress. I started looking at my photos and saw this was super common. I strive to find unique and amazing styles you're not going to find at big box stores. I am determined to bring unique styles from all over the world to our area at a price you can afford. Being able to customize and design my own dresses has been such a fun and amazing experience with brides.


Twin Oak Garden, our wedding and event venue was inspired from what my clients were looking for in a reasonable price range. Designed with your photos in mind, our Venue was born and keeps growing and changing. One stop wedding planning has greatly changed the way wedding have been done in this area. Our beautiful Barn background is nothing like you will find in South Daytona, Florida.